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Marrakech Fantasia Horse Show

Enhance your stay in Morocco with this wonderful night out in Marrakech that combines an authentic dinner with traditional Moroccan folklore show. The Fantasia dinner takes place at the spectacular Chez Ali and is a true Moroccan Nights’ experience.Situated at 16 Km west of Marrakech Palmery.

Fantasia Horse ShowExperience Includes

•    Spectacular Fantasia show - Watch acrobats on Arabian horses firing rifles and
      demonstrating traditional forms of medieval Berber warriors; horseback acrobatics and belly dancing.
•    Musicians, singers and dancers entertain in typical Moroccan style.
•    Enjoy a traditional meal while seated on cushions around the venue
•    Pick-up and drop off from Marrakech hotels/riads
•    Private transfer

Fantasia Horse Show Overview

The Fantasia dinner takes place at the spectacular Chez Ali restaurant and is a true Arabian-berber Nights’ experience. Under the massive tents in the Marrakech palm grove. As the evening progresses, all through the dinner, various folklore troupes of Berber Tribes pass through the tents dancing, singing and generally animating the evening. This impressive evening comes to a fitting finale with the Fantasia show. Watch acrobats on Arabian horses firing rifles and demonstrating traditional forms of military combat. Then follows horseback acrobatics, a belly dance and suddenly up in the night sky a Sultan and his Bride fly to the stars on their magic carpet, as the evening comes to its end.

As you watch the performance, enjoy a sumptuous meal of authentic Moroccan food, comprising of Harira soup, Mechoui (slow roasted lamb meat in Clay Oven), Couscous with fresh vegetables, and a fresh fruit served to you under traditional Caidal tents. End your delicious meal with tea and Moroccan pastries.

Alternatively, there is a less expensive, Tagine meal option for this event comprising Harira soup, Chicken with Olives and lemon Tagine and a platter of fresh fruit, Vegetarian option also available.

Marrakech Fantasia Horse Show Booking:

     Departs:Nightly Tuesday-Saturday.
     Start Times: 7.30pm
     Duration: About 4 hours.

•    Price: Please contact us for prices